Perfect Wedding Hand Bouquets for Your Wedding

For a romantic wedding, a beautiful rom hand bouquet singapore is a perfect add-on to your wedding. Brides have many varieties of options to choose from when it comes to wedding bouquets.

Your wedding bouquet flowers are an essential part of your wedding day, so it’s crucial to choose a type of hand bouquet that will match your overall bridal look and motif.

To help you choose what’s perfect for you, below are the following types of wedding bouquets to carry as you walk down the aisle.

  1. Biedermeier

This kind of bouquets are round and composed of a tight bunch of uniformly cut flowers that are wrapped in a fabric of wire. But Biedermeier floral decoration and arrangement align the floral in circles around each other which creates a striped effect on the bouquet.

  1. Posy

Posy bouquets are the classic kind of bouquet for brides. They are best fit for petite brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls as this bouquet is quite smaller compared to others. It consists of decorative ribbon so any person can easily hold it in one hand.

rom hand bouquet singapore

  1. Round

This is the most well-known and popular bouquet type you can find on the market today. This bouquet is round in shape, with more flowers than greenery and being sync and balanced. The round bouquet is a larger version of posy and a little bit of buttoned-up, structured version of a hand-tied bouquet.

  1. Hand-Tied

This kind of flower arrangement looks exactly how it is sound. A cluster of flowers is carefully hand-tied together with a ribbon to give the arrangement a casual and elegant look from the loose stems. Hand-tied bouquets are a popular option for brides nowadays because it’s easier to create.


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